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About Dale

About Dale Allen Hoffman

“I have always been deeply fascinated with the "words" of Jesus and always hoped that someone would come along that could give meaningful and accurate translations of the writings and reveal the deeper teachings. Dale’s translations and deep spiritual insight shows how the message of Jesus resonates with the sublime message of many of the great prophets, Buddha, Mohamed, Great Eastern Saints, Tolle etc. Dale’s delivery is very grounded and sober and I believe his work is vital in the evolution of the awakening awareness of Human consciousness.”
Steve Vai
World-Renowned Guitarist/Musician (unsolicited testimonial)
(Frank Zappa, David Lee Roth, Whitesnake, etc.) – Los Angeles, CA

“Dale is a spiritual rock star! He is the heir apparent of interpreting the ancient Aramaic teachings of Jesus for modern listeners

and the perfect fit for any New Thought community!
Dr. John Waterhouse
President, Centers for Spiritual Living

"Dale created a shift for me that was greater than anything in my life".
Aramaic Healing Circle Attendee (unsolicited testimonial)

Humility - Love - Gratitude - Service

Dale Allen Hoffman offers a living, breathing vision of the direct, practical application of many of Yeshua’s (Jesus) most misunderstood teachings from the ancient Aramaic language in which He spoke them. Dale shares stunning insights from ancient sources including Aramaic, Greek, Hebrew and Coptic manuscripts about the “miraculous” capacity of the human mind, our inherent Divinity and the awakening consciousness of humanity. Dale's work brings forth a direct experience of the profound, transformational qualities of consciously intoned ancient and indigenous sounds, tones and languages on activating states of deep Presence and sound healing.

Dale's focus is not simply on the words or languages alone, but rather on the Gnostic experiential core of how to consciously live the world's great philosophies from the inside out. Dale burns away the veils of religion, theology, linguistics and mythology with the pure intent of revealing the direct, transformational flame at the heart of The Yeshua Teachings. Dale is not a translator as much as he is an activator – a healing voice for awakening, much like Coleman Barks is for the poetry of Jalal ad-Din Rumi.

He has been teaching spiritual insights from the ancient Aramaic language, culture and wisdom of Yeshua for over 21 years and has been a contributing writer and featured guest for numerous publications, radio and television and is the Director of the international Aramaic Healing Circle. The essential core of Dale’s work is to help pierce through heavy religious dogma and to re-awaken the direct personal experience of the Divine Christ within ourselves, which often lies embedded within the core of original Christian, Gnostic and virtually all Sacred spiritual texts from the languages in which they were originally spoken and written.


Dale spent much of his youth simultaneously immersed in both the Methodist and Episcopalian churches, including intensive studies of the “authorized” King James Bible. His youth included intensive studies of the “authorized” King James Bible with his grandmother Irene, a life-long pillar in the local Methodist church. A persistent nagging feeling that something was “missing” from the King James Bible drove Dale deeper into his search for spiritual truth even before he ever realized that he was searching. One late afternoon at the age of 9, while walking deep in the woods near his southern New Jersey home, Dale had what he calls a “Unitive” experience in which he felt “a profound waterfall of indescribable Light and an experience of being one with, and within, all of Creation. He would not fully comprehend this experience until several years into his adult life and had no idea at the time how profoundly it would impact his consciousness and his life.


Over the next 10 years, Dale’s powerful experience began to descend into his memory, but he was never the same again. He experienced an intensification of his emotional states, at times shifting from violent rage to desperate vulnerability to transcendent bliss in a matter of seconds. Dale also found himself taking every possible opportunity to roam alone into nature, often sitting in one position, breathing rhythmically for hours with eyes closed before opening them and basking in the awareness of his profound spiritual immersion within what he calls the “Absolute Only Being”.


In 1995, just months before his 23rd birthday, Dale met dr. michael ryce, who shared the teachings of Jesus in His native ancient Aramaic language in which they were originally spoken nearly 2,000 years ago. dr. ryce, author of the book “Why Is This Happening To Me…AGAIN?!”, was an inspiration for many of the insights from James Redfield’s best-selling Celestine Prophecy book series. The next decade found Dale studying the works of and with many of the world’s preeminent Biblical and Aramaic language scholars, spiritual teachers, and religious figures.


In 2008, Dale began collaborating with Dr. Albert J. LaChance, a long-time personal student of Father Thomas Berry, and author of The Way of Christ, The Modern Christian Mystic: Finding the Unitive Presence of God and The Architecture of the Soul. Together, Dale and Dr. LaChance have spoken to enthusiastic crowds across the United States and share their passion for the direct, personal experience of the transformative Presence of Christ within ourselves.

Dale travels internationally sharing the rich spiritual wisdom which has been veiled beneath almost two millennia of misunderstandings, skewed translations, intentional manipulation and a general lack of spiritual perception. Dale has published numerous Compact Disc audio programs including “Hearing the Primal Voice: Transformational Toning", "ENANA: Living from the I AM", Learn to Speak the Aramaic Lord's Prayer of Yeshua" and "Realization of the Christ Within”. His first DVD program, "The Word: Sacred Illumination on the Original Aramaic Teachings of Yeshua" was released on New Year's Day 2012. Dale's first book titled "Echoes of an Ancient Dream", about is journey into the ancient teachings and the practice of vocal toning, slated for publication in July 2015.

Dale is also a former columnist, whose BeingAsheville: The Movers, the Shakers and the Peacemakers” was a monthly feature in The Indie and he is a contributing writer for the Jeff Buckley International Newsletter.

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