For 30 years, Dale has been what many call "the teacher behind the teachers". Since coining the term "Aramaic Toning" in 1995, Dale is the frequent "go to" authority for many well known spiritual teachers, celebrities, business icons, musicians, etc on how to awaken the experiential core of ancient teachings in the most practical ways possible. Dale is the only soul on earth sharing a living, breathing vision of the original Aramaic Yeshua (Jesus) and Maaryam Magdalitha (Mary Magdalene) energetic alchemy wisdom from the Biblical, Gnostic and Mystery School philosophies as one pure revelation. His work awakens the profound transformational qualities of consciously intoned ancient and indigenous sounds, tones and languages on activating lucid states of alert, ecstatic Presence within a matter of seconds.

Dale's focus is not simply on words or languages, but rather on the Gnostic experiential core of how to consciously live a richly mystical life from the inside out. He is not simply a translator as much as he is an activator – a healing voice for awakening, much like Coleman Barks is for the poetry of Jalal ad-Din Rumi.

Dale’s sincerity burns away the veils of religion, theology, linguistics and mythology with the pure intent of revealing the direct, transformational flame at the heart of the world’s great philosophies. He travels internationally sharing the rich spiritual wisdom which has been veiled beneath almost two millennia of misunderstandings, skewed translations, intentional manipulation and a general lack of spiritual perception.

Dale is a writer, former columnist, whose “BeingAsheville: The Movers, the Shakers and the Peacemakers” was a monthly feature in The Indie from 2003 through 2006 and he was a contributing writer for the Jeff Buckley International Newsletter.

Dale has published numerous audio and video programs and is author of the book Echoes of an Ancient Dream: Aramaic Toning on the Path of Lightwhich rocketed straight to the Number One Hot New Mysticism Release spot on Amazon within hours of its release on November 15, 2015 (11-15-15).

The Sublime Message

"Dale's knowledge of the ancient Aramaic text, it's history of evolution, as well as his understanding of the nuances of interpretation, both then and now, are astounding!

Mentoring with Dale privately for a few months proved priceless. It would have taken me lifetimes to gather all the knowing he shared with me in a single sitting. Thank you Dale!"

Nia Peeples

[Actress, Author, Speaker & Musician]

known for "Pretty Little Liars", Walker, Texas Ranger", "Fame", "North Shore", "The Young and the Restless", "General Hospital", etc.

Reverend Dale Allen Hoffman is an ancient Aramaic Wisdom Keeper, mystic and energetic healer
revealing Long Suppressed Ancient Secrets and Healing Modalities

Ancient Insight for the Present Moment.

 About Dale Allen Hoffman

About Dale Allen Hoffman Aramaic Toning. Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Gospel of Mary Magdalene.

Dale is Astounding!

"I have always been deeply fascinated with the "words" of Jesus and always hoped that someone would come along that could give meaningful and accurate translations of the writings and reveal the deeper teachings. Dale’s translations and deep spiritual insight shows how the message of Jesus resonates with the sublime message of many of the great prophets – Buddha, Mohamed, Great Eastern Saints, Tolle etc.

Dale’s delivery is very grounded and sober and I believe his work is vital in the evolution of the awakening awareness of Human consciousness."

Steve Vai  [Musician]

from Steve's foreword to Dale's book

Echoes of an Ancient Dream: Aramaic Toning on the Path of Light