Learn how to consciously tone ancient and indigenous sounds, words and phrases in harmony with extended meditative silence to activate states of deep Presence and healing. Activate the blissful experience of vocal overtones and deep, primordial emotional release through the natural, resonant frequencies of your own voice.

April 2017 Asheville Urban Mystic Weekend Retreat

Dale Allen Hoffman is a "civilian scholar", mystic and healer – Ancient Insight for the Present Moment. Rather than studying religious history from within the orthodoxy of theological institutions, Dale chose to step off the track of religious programming and take a path less traveled. He encourages others to stop "eating from the menu being served" and to instead embrace an honest, balanced exploration of the actual, authentic history and mythology of The Yeshua [Jesus] Teachings in all of its manifestations. He travels internationally sharing the experiential philosophies veiled beneath millennia of misunderstandings, skewed translations and a general lack of perception. Dale has published numerous audio and video programs and is author of the book Echoes of an Ancient Dream: Aramaic Toning on the Path of Light.

Echoes of an Ancient Dream: Aramaic Toning on the Path of Light is a soul journey back to the beginning of the primal vibrations of Life Itself. Dale Allen Hoffman offers insightful guidance on how to awaken the deep experiential wisdom threaded within The Yeshua Teachings through the ancient indigenous practice of vocal toning. Dale guides us into the process of toning the Aramaic words of Yeshua (Jesus) to activate lucid states of alert, ecstatic Presence within a matter of seconds. Learn how to integrate the profound, transformational sound healing process of vocal toning into all facets of your life, work and relationships.


Author - Life Coach - Spiritual Teacher  Brian Piergrossi

StillPoint Shamanic Breathing and Energetic Alchemy Circle

with Warm Spikenard Third Eye Anointing,

Heart Crystal Signing Bowl and Buffalo Hoop Drum Dream Journeying

Through cutting-edge teachings about the spiritual path, mindfulness meditation, dialogue and experiential exercises, author of The Big Glow and The Wow of the Now, international life coach and spiritual teacher, Brian Piergrossi will guide you into a space of greater inner peace, self love, freedom and empowerment. Discover your most authentic self, express and embody it in the world, and network with others on a similar path.

• Discover your authentic spiritual essence and how to live and be guided by the moment

• Discover an integral/holistic approach to live from your highest evolutionary potential

• Learn to recreate your life story to become aware of and transcend unconscious limiting beliefs systems

• Discover inner peace, self-love, inner clarity and purpose as a unique individual

• Create lasting community and bring more fun, joy and laughter into your life

Our ceremonial cacao grows on the Pacific slopes of Guatemala, in under-story rain-forest. This area of Central America is a prime growing region for Criollo variety cacao, a wild/native variety that contains all the health and ceremonial benefits. The cacao is sourced and traditionally fermented in the rain-forest and then roasted and hand peeled by Mayan families who receive a fair wage.

For thousands of years people have considered cacao as a sacred plant with potent healing properties. It was used both for its widely understood health benefits as well as in ceremonial settings. It wasn’t until Europeans came across it and brought it home that sweetener was added and what we now know of as chocolate was created. Today, chocolate is usually laden with extra ingredients such as sugar, milk and preservatives and people often see it as either a guilty pleasure or junk food.

Cacao is a powerful heart-opener, increasing blood flow 30-40% with a ceremonial dose. It increases focus so that meditation, yoga and therapeutic work are more accessible. It’s gentle, supportive energy allows people to expand and experience heightened states of awareness and spiritual faculties. It facilitates greater connection within our relationships to to other humans, animals, nature and the unseen realms.

Dale and Loretta Hoffman have been working with raw and ceremonial cacao for over ten years. Let us come together and re-discover the spiritual uses of cacao to facilitate work in the inner realms.

Ancient Language, Culture and Philosophy Mystic  Dale Allen Hoffman

Dale Allen Hoffman has facilitated the StillPoint Breathing process for thousands of participants since 1993. The comprehensive extent of Dale's decades of intentional breath work experience brings forth a very safe, secure and deeply transformational space of healing to his breath work sessions. Dale says that "There is not much that I have not already seen in this breath work, along with dozens of other intentional breath practices I have have worked with over the past two and a half decades. I have seen just about everything. And yet I always come back to StillPoint Breathing, as it remains most profound healing tool of any kind that I have ever experienced." 

Dale , along with his Magdalene Loretta unfold deepening layers of intensive vocal toning, StillPoint Breathing, energy healing and indigenous dream journeying to open the Etheric Ka body, referred to by Yeshua (Jesus) as the Hyklah (Life Temple). Dale shows attendees how to activate what Yeshua called Enana, or, “The I within the I.” StillPoint Breathing inspires deep healing and growth quickly. The “still point” or "zero point" is the “hovering” space, prior to our personal, individual consciousness, before the creation of all thought forms including emotions, feelings, ideas, ideas, feelings, beliefs and identity.

The energetic opening process climaxes with a water healing and anointing ceremony in the pre-Christian, ancient Egyptian context accompanied by a deeply profound musical soundtrack. Focus is on the deep release and transmutation of energies and beliefs which conceal the true nature of our inherent Divinity. Attendees should wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing, bring a water bottle, yoga mat or blanket to lay on, as well as a sheet to lay over yourself during the breath work process in case you get cold.

Quotes about Intentional Breath Work

From St. Teresa of Avila:
The soul feels such a sweet and wonderful delight that almost everything falls away — it falls into a kind of swoon. The breathing and all bodily functions gradually subside. . .All exterior strength is lost, and the soul’ strength increases so that it can more thoroughly enjoy the bliss. . .Union and rapture or elevation, or what they call flight of the spirit or transport. . .these are all different names for the same thing which is also called ecstasy.”

From Paramahansa Yogananda
When the profound ecstasy of God falls over you, the body becomes absolutely still, the breath ceases to flow, and the thoughts are quiet — banished, every one, by the magic command of the soul. Then you drink of God’s bliss and experience an intoxication of joy that not a thousand draughts of wine could give you. . . . When you can feel your presence in all creation, and also know the Joy that is beyond creation, then you are a God-like being. . . . You are in every blade of grass and on the mountaintop; and you can feel every cell of your body and every atom of space.

Criollo Ceremonial Cacao Circle

The Urban Mystic

weekend immersion retreat

with Brian Piergrossi, John Stringer and Dale Allen Hoffman

Saturday, April 1st - Tuesday, April 4th

Retreat Location:
Asheville, North Carolina

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Life Teacher - Speaker - Singer/Songwriter - Healer  John Stringer

Your Retreat Co-Hosts:

●  Create life-long, lasting friendships to support you in living the profound, loving and ecstatic life that you were meant to live! ●

●  Opening the Energy Body/Life Temple [Egyptian Ka — Aramaic Hyklah] to Realize Energetic Alchemy and Re-Calibration  ●

●   The Removal of Guilt, Fear and Shame from the Energy Body/Life Temple  [Aramaic Hyklah — Eqyptian Ka]  ●

●   Embracing Deep Intimacy, Empathy and Vulnerability in All of Our Sacred Relationships  ●

●  Connect with others building conscious community  ●

● Reduce Stress  ● Transcend Anxiety  ●

●  Realize Deep Inner Peace  ●

John Stringer is a life teacher, speaker, billboard charting singer-songwriter, healer, and author with a passion for music, community, expansion and limitless love and light.  As a reflection of you and an extension of the one, his music and message are a result of his surrender to Love and his spiritual journey.   As he recognizes more of what Love / God / Spirit is, exploring the divine mystery Yeshua (Jesus) illuminated, he travels to share his experiences through music and talks

John will share music and a message of love and light to help experience the frequencies and vibrations of oneness, acceptance, love and forgiveness.  Some of the words and vibrations experienced may assist you in releasing blocks, uncovering blind spots to be released and recognizing the abundance of love, intelligence and power available to you, as you.  Together, we recognize and realize the grand plan.

All Retreat Sessions, Support Materials, Breath Work and Ceremonial Cacao Circle

This is a Non-Residential Retreat and Does Not Include Accommodations or Meals

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Opening the Tareah-Portal through Intensive Indigenous Trance Toning