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Healing Retreats

Spend several deeply nurturing and healing days with Dale in a safe, open space of deep energetic healing and recalibration of your Life Temple.  Experience the most profound paradigm shift of your life!


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Experience Dale's deeply healing international events live in person or on the internet! Take your awakening to an entirely new level through Dale's Ancient Insight for the Present Moment.

Friday, May 4th -  May 6th

 I AM: The Cosmic Vibration weekend immersion retreat in

Asheville, North Carolina

Friday, July 28th

Candlelit Aramaic Toning, and Cosmic Chant Circle

at Heart of the Dove KC

in Kansas City, Missouri

Ancient Aramaic Secrets of Jesus and Mary Magdalene


Saturday, July 29th

One Day Aramaic Toning, StillPoint Breathing and Energetic Alchemy Immersion

in Kansas City, MO

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