Dale Allen Hoffman has been a certified intentional breathwork practitioner for thousands of participants for over 25 years. The comprehensive extent of Dale's decades of intentional breath work experience brings forth a very safe, secure and deeply transformational space of healing to his breath work sessions.

Loretta and Dale Allen Hoffman unfold deepening layers of intensive vocal toning, intentional breathing, energy healing and indigenous dream journeying to open the Etheric Ka body, referred to by Yeshua (Jesus) as the Hyklah (Life Temple). Dale shows attendees how to activate what Yeshua called Enana, or, “The I within the I.” The "still point" or "zero point" is the “hovering” space, prior to our personal, individual consciousness, before the creation of all thought forms including emotions, feelings, ideas, ideas, feelings, beliefs and identity. Focus is on the deep release and transmutation of energies and beliefs which conceal the true nature of our inherent Divinity.  Attendees should wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing, bring a water bottle, yoga mat or blanket to lay on, as well as a sheet to lay over yourself during the breath work process.

Quotes about Intentional Breath Work

From St. Teresa of Avila:
The soul feels such a sweet and wonderful delight that almost everything falls away — it falls into a kind of swoon. The breathing and all bodily functions gradually subside. . .All exterior strength is lost, and the soul’ strength increases so that it can more thoroughly enjoy the bliss. . .Union and rapture or elevation, or what they call flight of the spirit or transport. . .these are all different names for the same thing which is also called ecstasy.”

From Paramahansa Yogananda
When the profound ecstasy of God falls over you, the body becomes absolutely still, the breath ceases to flow, and the thoughts are quiet — banished, every one, by the magic command of the soul. Then you drink of God’s bliss and experience an intoxication of joy that not a thousand draughts of wine could give you. . . . When you can feel your presence in all creation, and also know the Joy that is beyond creation, then you are a God-like being. . . . You are in every blade of grass and on the mountaintop; and you can feel every cell of your body and every atom of space.

A Brand New Blend of Sacred Chocolate!

Criollo CeremonialCacao Circles

Dale and Loretta are now offering an even more

exciting and delicious blend of elevated cacao!

Plus enjoy organic chocolate treats!

Desert Creek Water Blessing

in the ancient Sumerian and Celtic traditions

Dale and Loretta will offer daily galactic sound healinsg with PYRADYM Crystal Particle Fountain. PYRADYM is a patented analog bioresonance instrument using sound, light, crystals and sacred geometry to generate a multisensory sonic massage from the inside out. Merging suppressed ancient Egyptian technologies with the visionary physioacoustic work of Nikola Tesla, Bob Moog and Edgar Cayce, PYRADYM is unlike any other instrument on earth. Many report powerful visionary experiences, past life echoes and deep, nurturing stillness. Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a yoga mat or blanket, a sheet to cover yourself and a water bottle to stay hydrated during this profound mystical sound journey.

Participants describe a very pronounced expansion of their awareness resulting in a profound, deeply nurturing stillness and Presence. Many report powerful visionary experiences including echoes of past lives, visits from their spirit guides and lucid dreaming. Personal sessions are offered on a comfortable, customized sound resonance bodywork table with the added experience of audiophile-quality headphones and subtle etheric energy field work from Dale and Loretta.

Check out this quick 9-minute YouTube video about Nikola Tesla and PYRADYM!

The Rookha Method Breathwork Process™

Criollo Cacao Sacred Chocolate Ceremony

Expressive Movement and Painting Sessions with Loretta

Ancient Aramaic Sonority Toning and Indigenous trance Toning Circles

Brand New Insights from Dale About the ancient texts of The Jesus Sutras

Desert Creek Hike and Water Blessing in the ancient Sumerian and Celtic traditions

Multi-sensory PYRADYM™ Sonic Immersion Circles and Vibrational Alchemy sessions

Startling Recent Developments with The Magdala Stone on the shores of The Sea of Galilee

Create life-long, lasting friendships to support you in living the profound, loving and ecstatic life that you were meant to live!

Learn to awaken  and continually evolve the most profound, transformational wisdom and healing powers for working in service of others

Loretta will guide you deeply into the profound experience of seeing your innermost longings as they manifest before your eyes through expressive art!

Sit in circle with world-renowned Ancient Aramaic Wisdom Keeper Dale Allen Hoffman and ask all the questions you have been wanting to know!

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The Rookha Method Breathwork Process™

in the Bamboo Forest at Mountain Light Sanctuary

"After dozens of other intentional breath practices that I have worked with over the past two and a half decades, I always return to this ancient breath intentional breath process, as it remains most profound healing tool of any kind that I have ever experienced."   - Dale Allen Hoffman

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Sedona, Arizona

Dale and Loretta have been working with raw and ceremonial cacao for well over ten years. Our single-source ceremonial cacao grows on the Pacific slopes of Coatepeque, Guatemala in under-story rain-forest. This area of Central America is a prime growing region for Criollo variety cacao, a wild/native variety that contains all the health and ceremonial benefits. The cacao is sourced and traditionally fermented in the rain-forest and then roasted and hand peeled by Mayan families who receive a fair wage.

For thousands of years people have considered cacao as a sacred plant with potent healing properties. It was used both for its widely understood health benefits as well as in ceremonial settings. It wasn’t until Europeans came across it and brought it home that sweetener was added and what we now know of as chocolate was created. Today, chocolate is usually laden with extra ingredients such as sugar, milk and preservatives and people often see it as either a guilty pleasure or junk food.

Cacao is a powerful heart-opener, increasing blood flow 30-40% with a ceremonial dose. It increases focus so that meditation, yoga and therapeutic work are more accessible. It’s gentle, supportive energy allows people to expand and experience heightened states of awareness and spiritual faculties. It facilitates greater connection within our relationships to other humans, animals, nature and the unseen realms.  Unlike many facilitators who often utilize an intensely bitter and grainy cacao experience, Dale and Loretta offer a luxurious potion of  pure ceremonial chocolate and organic coconut milk with or without your choice of natural, organic sweeteners. Let us come together and re-discover the spiritual uses of cacao to facilitate work in the inner realms with this soul-opening brew.

October 2019 Sedona Retreat

“In ancient times

the general mass of Gnostic students were called mystae,

meaning “those with closed eyes”

until they went through their final grade of spiritual initiation,

at which point they were called epopteia,

meaning “those who can see.”

from Echoes of an Ancient Dream by Dale Allen Hoffman

The Aramaic Path of Light

Ancient Seeds of Cosmic Power

Sedona, Arizona weekend immersion retreat

Friday, October 18th through Sunday, October 20th, 2019

[Retreat begins Friday, October 18th at 10am  and concludes Sunday, October 20th at 3pm]


Now that I am entering my 28th year of sharing insights from the ancient teachings of Jesus, I have found myself coming around  full circle and back to the beginning of what "lit me up" about The Yeshua Teachings in the first place. Long before I dove headfirst into the original Aramaic texts at the age of twenty-one, I had already known [since the age of seven] that something was definitely "off" in the translations.  But when the Aramaic came, it hit me so hard and so fast that it was all I could do to hang on and keep my grip lest I fly millions of light years out into the cosmos and lose my grasp on my mortal human coil.

It is these profound and at times incendiary flames that I now feel that I NEED to share with YOU..... Now more than ever....I want you to experience exactly how you can wholly and genuinely evaluate, calibrate and  re-activate the architecture of your soul from the foundation up the the crown. It is time for us to come together as we step through the veil hand in hand.  It is time for us to fly.....

"Come to the edge", He said

They said, "But we are afraid"

"Come to the edge!" He said

They came

He pushed them

And they flew.....

[Guillaume Appolinaire]

In Cosmic Light,


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Some of What You Will Experience:

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The Aramaic Path of Light

Ancient Seeds of Cosmic Power

Sedona, Arizona weekend immersion retreat

Friday, October 18th through Sunday, October 20th, 2019

[Retreat begins Friday, October 18th at 10am  and concludes Sunday, October 20th at 3pm]

World-Renowned Ancient Aramaic Wisdom Keeper, Mystic and Energetic HealerDale Allen Hoffman


Magdalene and Sacred Sensuality ModelLoretta Hoffman


Life-Changing, Multi-Sensory

Sonic Immersion Circles

PYRADYM Crystal Particle Fountain™

Energy Body Opening, Chakra Balancing

and Vibrational Healing Circle

[personal Pyradym sessions with Dale and Loretta will also be available]

Retreat Fee Does Not Include Accommodations

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*Sedona retreat registration is locked!*