Dale Allen Hoffman has been a certified intentional breathwork practitioner for thousands of participants for over 25 years. The comprehensive extent of Dale's decades of intentional breath work experience brings forth a very safe, secure and deeply transformational space of healing to his breath work sessions.

Loretta and Dale Allen Hoffman unfold deepening layers of intensive vocal toning, intentional breathing, energy healing and indigenous dream journeying to open the Etheric Ka body, referred to by Yeshua (Jesus) as the Hyklah (Life Temple). Dale shows attendees how to activate what Yeshua called Enana, or, “The I within the I.” The "still point" or "zero point" is the “hovering” space, prior to our personal, individual consciousness, before the creation of all thought forms including emotions, feelings, ideas, ideas, feelings, beliefs and identity. Focus is on the deep release and transmutation of energies and beliefs which conceal the true nature of our inherent Divinity.  Attendees should wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing, bring a water bottle, yoga mat or blanket to lay on, as well as a sheet to lay over yourself during the breath work process.

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Dale and Loretta also offer Private Energetic Alchemy Sessions while traveling. Please call for information and availability.

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St. Teresa of Avila

“The soul feels such a sweet and wonderful delight that almost everything falls away — it falls into a kind of swoon. The breathing and all bodily functions gradually subside. All exterior strength is lost, and the soul’ strength increases so that it can more thoroughly enjoy the bliss. Union and rapture or elevation, or what they call flight of the spirit or transport. These are all different names for the same thing which is also called ecstasy.”

Paramahansa Yogananda

“When the profound ecstasy of God falls over you, the body becomes absolutely still, the breath ceases to flow, and the thoughts are quiet — banished, every one, by the magic command of the soul. Then you drink of God’s bliss and experience an intoxication of joy that not a thousand draughts of wine could give you. When you can feel your presence in all creation, and also know the Joy that is beyond creation, then you are a God-like being. You are in every blade of grass and on the mountaintop; and you can feel every cell of your body and every atom of space.”

"After dozens of other intentional breath practices that I have worked with over the past two and a half decades, I always return to this ancient breath intentional breath process, as it remains most profound healing tool of any kind that I have ever experienced."   - Dale Allen Hoffman

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Rookha Method Breath Work™ Process Sessions

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90-minute Rookha Method Breath Work™ Process Sessions


Dale Allen Hoffman & Loretta Hoffman