The freedom to be my True Self!

"We all want to be free, to be our true selves.  But – are we truly living our authentic lives?  The spiritual path can be a lonely one.  The feeling of isolation can seemingly surround us, almost palpable in sensation.  This was me last year – well – for quite a few years actually, walking my lonely path, friends and family slowly dropping off my radar, viewing me as a hermit.  I felt very stuck on this lonely path.

I reached out and asked Dale for help – even though I was concerned that he might view me as some “Mad Woman “.  He was so very easy to talk to.  He really listened and helped me unpack my concerns and unravel the energy blocks freeing up my energy and above all learning to just breath. You can ask him about anything that you feel is blocking your path. There are no limits.

The sessions are recorded so that you can go through them again which can be just as powerful the second time around. I recommend Dales one to one sessions as they are tailored for you.  Such a valuable experience.  What are you waiting for???

Your life could truly change in an instant

I fell head over heels in love with the teachings of Yeshua when I came across the work of Dale Allen Hoffman.

I knew instantly, through deeply listening, that Dale had come to know the Christ consciousness in a deeply intimate way. I knew that if I were to ever truly know this frequency I would need to spend time with a man who had committed his whole life to un-ravelling 2000 years of a deeply misunderstood mystic.

I have greatly benefited from my time with Dale. He will keep you grounded while taking you on a journey of deep experiential understanding of what it means to be spirit having a human experience. I wish for every Bible Reader on the planet to have the ears to hear what Dale has to share.

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All Mentoring Modules include CD quality audio recordings of your calls with Dale! - We are committed to your healing and awakening!

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Nia Peeples

[Actress, Author, Speaker & Musician]

known for "Pretty Little Liars", Walker, Texas Ranger", "Fame", "North Shore", "The Young and the Restless", "General Hospital", etc.

Love & light,

Bernadette [United Kingdom]

Steve Vai  [Musician]
from Steve's foreword to Dale's book "Echoes of an Ancient Dream: Aramaic Toning on the Path of Light"

World-Renowned Scholar Oliver William Huntley Raves About Mentoring with Dale! [2min, 27 sec]

Testimonial About Dale

The Sublime Message

"I have always been deeply fascinated with the "words" of Jesus and always hoped that someone would come along that could give meaningful and accurate translations of the writings and reveal the deeper teachings. Dale’s translations and deep spiritual insight shows how the message of Jesus resonates with the sublime message of many of the great prophets – Buddha, Mohamed, Great Eastern Saints, Tolle etc.

Dale’s delivery is very grounded and sober and I believe his work is vital in the evolution of the awakening awareness of Human consciousness."

Dale is astounding!

"Dale's knowledge of the ancient Aramaic text, it's history of evolution, as well as his understanding of the nuances of interpretation both then and now are astounding!Mentoring with Dale privately for a few months proved priceless. It would have taken me lifetimes to gather all the knowing he shared with me in a single sitting. Thank you Dale!"

Your life could truly change in an instant,

Eve  [Australia, United Kingdom, France]