What Does it REALLY mean in Aramaic to "Love Your Enemies"?  [18 min.]


The Harmonic Convergence of the Pseuo-Soul with Eternal Essence [37 min.]

Are You an Empath? Guidance for Sensitive Souls [29 min.]

This Empowering Aramaic Expression was Manipulated into the Chauvinist Word "Lord" [14 min.]

Toning the Aramaic Lord's Prayer of Yeshua  [5min.]

This is How You Can Bring These Teachings to Your Town or City Anywhere on Earth! [14 min.]

The Ancient Aramaic Gnosis of Holy Week and the Children of Light [46 min.]

Blessed are the Doormats? The True Aramaic Meaning of Meekness [32 min.]

Arousing The Cosmic Vibration and Opening The Chakras with Pyradym  [23 min.]

Embracing the Magdalene Light in the Untended Weeds of the Soul [21 min.]

The Deepest Secret - Dale Allen Hoffman [31 min]